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I’ve been writing new scripts recently, mostly simple UI-less tools that do what they’re called, like show guide layers.jsx and remove disabled effects.jsx. There’s now a decent collection, and I’m adding new ones all the time. So rather than having to download them separately I’ve packaged all the ready-for release ones into a single zip file.

Also included are some more complex UI-based scripts that I’ve posted before. Here’s a list of all the currently included scripts, the link to download them is below.

Scripts with a UI

These scripts will show up in the Window menu

cloninate.jsx – clones or replaces layers recursively, so that their source is independent of the original

copy_multi.jsx – a very handy keyframe copier. Allows you to copy and paste a bunch of keys from different layers , as well as one-click copying and pasting time-reversed keys.

first-n-last.jsx – trims the comp to the first and / or last layers, selected layers, or the current playhead position. Also lets you recursively trim and extend nested layers in a comp at the same time.

in-n-out.jsx – a layer sequencer. Like the “Sequence Layers” animation assistant but with bells and whistles.

proxynator.jsx – lets you set multiple proxies in one click.

zap spatial tangents.jsx gets rid of pesky auto-generated tangents on keyframes.

Stop-n-Go.jsx – an emergency pause button for expressions

this-n-that.jsx – a sooper-dooper layer or keyframe selection tool

find-n-replace.jsx – find and replace text in expressions, layer names, properties and text layers, with regex powers

Scripts without a UI.

These scripts will show up in the File > Scripts> menu.

centerShapeLayerToContents.jsx – centers the anchor point of a shape layer to the center of the contents, and centers any path’s anchor points.

createNullAtAveragePosition.jsx – creates a null at the center of a bunch of layers

hide guide layers.jsx & show guide layers.jsx – turns off and on visibility for guide layers

shy locked layers.jsx – makes locked layers shy and hides shy layers in the timeline window

Mum-n-Dad.jsx – creates a null and makes it the parent of all the layers in a comp

quantiseKeyTimes.jsx – snaps all keyframes to frame boundaries

lightview camera.jsx– adds a camera to a light for ease of aiming

remove disabled effects.jsx – removes effects that are turned off

removeGap.jsx– ripple-deletes a gap in the timeline

Installing After Effects Scripts

Recent versions of After Effects will take care of the installation for you.

For scripts with a UI, go to the File menu in AE and choose Scripts>Install Script UI Panel. Point it at the unzipped .jsx file that you just downloaded and let it work its magic, then restart AE.

For Scripts with no UI use File>Scripts>Install Script File…

Running the script

UI Scripts appear appear in AE’s Window> menu. Calling the script from this menu will make its window appear, and it can then be docked like any other panel. If you want it to always be visible, add it to your workspace.

Non-UI scripts appear in the File>Scripts menu, you can assign them to a keyboard shortcut, or you can use a plugin like KBar.

the image for this post comes from Lachlan Donald


  1. the copy-multi script has an issue: ‘unable to read the script at line 4’ in AE 17.6.0


    1. Actually now it is saying “unable to execute script at line 20. File or folder does not exist” when I isntall just the individual script and then restart AE Is there something I’m doing wrong?


  2. Which script was it? Some of them rely on having the (lib) folder in place, but I’m working on making them all stand-alone


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