My scripts for After Effects are available as a single zip file, through github or individually.

Here’s a list of the current scripts:

Scripts without a UI.

These scripts will show up in the File > Scripts> menu.

createNullAtAveragePosition.jsx – creates a null at the center of a bunch of layers

hide guide layers.jsx & show guide layers.jsx – turns off and on visibility for guide layers

shy locked layers.jsx – makes locked layers shy and hides shy layers in the timeline window

Mum-n-Dad.jsx – creates a null and makes it the parent of all the layers in a comp

quantiseKeyTimes.jsx – snaps all keyframes to frame boundaries

lightview camera.jsx– adds a camera to a light for ease of aiming

remove disabled effects.jsx – removes effects that are turned off

removeGap.jsx– ripple-deletes a gap in the timeline

Scripts with a UI

These scripts will show up in the Window menu

cloninate.jsx – clones or replaces layers recursively, so that their source is independent of the original

copy_multi.jsx – a very handy keyframe copier. Allows you to copy and paste a bunch of keys from different layers , as well as one-click copying and pasting time-reversed keys.

first-n-last.jsx – trims the comp to the first and / or last layers, selected layers, or the current playhead position. Also lets you recursively trim and extend nested layers in a comp at the same time.

in-n-out.jsx – a layer sequencer. Like the “Sequence Layers” keyframe assistant but with bells and whistles.

proxynator.jsx – lets you set multiple proxies in one click.

zap spatial tangents.jsx gets rid of pesky auto-generated tangents on keyframes.

Stop-n-Go.jsx – an emergency pause button for expressions

this-n-that.jsx – a sooper-dooper layer selection tool