Out of the wreckage: Autosave Restore.

After Effects never crashes or hangs ever, because computers are the best…

…and it especially doesn’t crash when you haven’t saved for a really long while—that never happens.

So when it does, you have to do the dance where you find the autosaved version, check dates, drag it out and then rename it. SO MUCH WORK!

This little robot will help. When you restart AE it checks to see if there are autosaves that are newer than the last project you saved, and does all the comparing, copying and renaming for you.

The script lives in the Startup scripts folder, so it runs every time you start AE, you can also run it if you think that there might be a newer autosave than the project you currently have open.

Download it with all my other scripts here:


Download just this script here

Image is King Charles II in coronation robes by John Michael Wright. The ascension of King Charles II to the English throne marked the start of the Stuart Restoration, the era that brought us the machine play, the 17th Century equivalent of Marvel blockbusters.

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