Stop-‘n-Go – an emergency stop button for expressions

I was doing some rigging recently, when something went wrong and the whole rig exploded on me. ‘By cricketty’ I thunk to meself, ‘there should be a stop button for expressions like there is for my bandsaw’. Those things could take someone’s leg orf.

So I got out my scripting iron, and clickety-clackety wrote this little script.

stop-n-go_ssIt has two modes:

  • using the Pause / Resume… buttons pauses and resumes expressions, either on all layers or just selected ones. In this mode it won’t start any expressions that have been disabled manually.
  • Using the Start… buttons will start all inactive expressions, including those that have been paused by the script, and those that have been turned off manually.

The script adds a comment to the end of any expression that it has paused. The default comment is "//paused" if you want to change this then look for the line:

var pausedTag = "//paused";

…and change the value to anything you like, as long as it starts with two forward slashes.

Push the big red button to download it



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