A nifty powershell timer module.

I use Powershell for setting up renders a lot. And often I want to give something time to render, then compress it, send it to the internets, shut down the workstation, whatever. I used to use the Start-Sleep commandlet (Sleep to its friends), but because I like complicating things here’s a nifty replacement with bells and whistles.

This module gives you a countdown timer. You specify how long you want it to run, and it ticks away, counting the seconds down, it’s even got an old-school spinner. That’s all it does, but I think it does it well.

To run specify any combination of -Days, -Hours, -Minutes, or -Seconds you want it to run. You can also specify -TickLength which determines how often it updates, but doesn’t affect the length that it waits.

    Start-CountdownTimer [[-Days] <int>] [[-Hours] <int>] [[-Minutes] <int>] [[-Seconds] <int>] [[-tickLength] <int>]


Using Powershell (recommended)

Install-Module -Name start-countdowntimer 

fork it from github

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