Remove the gaps in AE comps

Here’s a simple script that will remove a gap in an After Effects timeline, ripple editing all the layers after it. To use it, place the playhead in a gap —  part of the timeline that has no active layers — and run the script. Layers that start after the gap get nudged up so that the gap disappears. That is all.

before and after

Download the jsx file below. It’s all open source, I’ll hoist it up on my github when I have a second.


After Effects will take care of the installation for you. For scripts without a UI, go to the File menu in AE and choose Scripts>Install Script. Point it at the unzipped .jsx file that you just downloaded and let it work its magic, then restart AE.

Running the script

Scripts without a GUI can be run from the File>Scripts> menu. Once the script is installed it should appear in this menu, or you can run it without installing it using File>Scripts>Run Script File. If you use them a lot you can assign a keyboard shortcut to them.

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